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Live Projects

Live project is the phase when you finally implement most of the things that you have learnt during your software and website training. What’s taught in the theory classes of IT training may not be methodically followed during the live projects. You need to deliver output to your clients of PHP, ASP .NET or web designing in a faster and smarter way with accuracy. Additionally, students will be taught basics of project management, project planning and project execution such that they can understand every developer and designer’s role in completing a live project.

Serve Infosoft provide a highly professional environment of their students. It has been seen that after Graduating from college companies are not interested in employing the freshers. We provide a platformsto make them professionals from freshers by offering them 1st hand experience to develop their skills and capabilities.

We provide Industrial Training on Live Projects in the field of Website Development, Website Designing and Software Development. Join Us Today for get a live project with experience and get dream job ahead.